Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wherefore Art....

Hey Art Vandelay,

This was supposed to be a collaborative blog...where are you?
Has anyone seen this hipster doofus?
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Love Sally.

Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent

During my weekend pre-exam movie binge I finally watched the film 'Reality Bites'. Directed by Ben Stiller, this film embodies the best of the nineties. That of course has to include a pre-shoplifting Winona for the protagonist combined with one grungy nihilistic love interest and Janeane Garofalo rocking a cute fringe and the room mate role.
Besides making me want to smoke cigarettes and attempt to find meaning in my existence the film delivered some fantastic one liners and a tolerable ending. I really dug the following line delivered by a degenerate Ethan Hawke to a despondent Winona. "This is all we need; couple of smokes, a cup of coffee, and good conversation. You, me, and five bucks."
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The last lines of the film were pretty fracking cool too. [On answering machine] At the beep, please leave your name, number, and a brief justification for the ontological necessity of modern man's existential dilemma, and we'll get back to you.

Finally, I have to say I am glad that this film got made in the nineties. If it was made now, the character of Troy would be tainted with the hipster (formally known as the indie kid) backlash.

Love Sally

P.S Évian is "naïve" spelled backward.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All the empowered ladies

I have to admit that Beyonce's hit 'Sinlge Ladies' has a catchy beat and I can understand why it has become so popular. What I can not understand is how Beyonce is still heralded as a modern symbol for female empowerment. I've had issues with the lyrics of the song for a while but when I came across this article (, the results made me rage so much I could not help but write a blog about it.
Trish Crawford writes "Single Ladies" has gained widespread popularity for its catchy hook and theme of female empowerment,with critics comparing the song to Aretha Franklin's "Respect" or Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive".
Theme of female empowerment? Are you fucking kidding me? It honestly gets worse. Quoting sing lady Ann Grannan - this is "a song of empowerment. `He didn't give her a ring, it's too late, she's out of there.' Everybody likes those songs of respect, like Aretha Franklin's `Respect' and Gloria Gaynor's `I Will Survive.'

So what I would like to know is how the line "If you liked it then you should have out a ring on it" is in any way empowering? Are the females supposed to be the "it" in this empowering line? If a man wishes to "keep" his female companion does he have to "put a ring on it"?

Besides this "empowering" catchy hook the lyrics of 'Single Ladies" still have a few doozies left over. This next verse in particular is by far my favourite. It really makes me feel like as a woman, I am capable of being independent and breaking the shackles of my male oppressors. it goes something liek this:
'Pull me into your arms
Say I’m the one you own
If you don’t, you’ll be alone
And like a ghost I’ll be gone.'

Isn't it just so romantic (and don't forget empowering!) when your partner tells you that you are the one he owns?
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Beyonce sure thinks so,

Love Sally.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't you hate it when...

you read 'High Fidelity' and you can't stop listing things in fives and tens?
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p.s. Did anyone else get really frustrated with the character Rob?

Have you ever...

Dressed yourself up,
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And taken photo's of yourself
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Alone in your bedroom, when no one can catch you?

Don't lie you all have.

P.S I like masks. What of it?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Favourite Meme

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'Nuff Said.

Love Sally

Vlog Love: My Top Five Favourite Vloggers

1. Vlogbrothers
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Really who else could it be? Firstly their video's are just hilarious...from explaining their knowledge of Giraffe Love to performing songs about Helen Hunt's beauty and even eating blenderized happy meals the Vlogbrothers deliver consistently funny videos, creating numerous inside jokes that only their avid fans (nerdfighter's) will understand. Besides their humour the Vlogbroters have transformed vlogging culture into a force of positive social change attempting to decrease WorldSuck.

2. Meekakitty
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She's really pretty. And funny. And pretty. And she makes lots of weird noises. She likes anime, lip syncing and musicals. Plus she is REALLY pretty.

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Because he's like cool? An English teen who likes Dr Who, does insane challenges, writes some pretty cool songs and apparently makes an authoritative cup of tea.

4. HayleyGHoover
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The G stands for ganster. She likes Harry Potter, mocking Miley Cyrus and is an english nerd. So naturally I want her to my best friend.

5. Frezned
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He's Australian. He's Quick. His humour makes you feel special for actually getting it. He is also a wizard.

Love Sally

Skins Movie: Its Official

Come the summer of 2011, I like every other middle class angst ridden young person will be wetting myself in anticipation of seeing the Skins movie. The Skins blog on e4 gave the official heads up, stating that the movie will be based around the second generation cast, but have some characters from the first generation, and a scene featuring the third generation.

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I am most looking forward to some closure about Cassie, but also wouldn't mind knowing what happened to Cook at the end of the fourth season.

I think its a brilliant move on the creators part... after the sloppy introduction of Dr. Foster the psychotic character whose obsession with Effy leads him to kill Freddie and possibly Cook, all within the last few episodes of the really is the least that they could do.

Although I say kudo's to the creators for having the guts to dump a cast every two series and start fresh, I was worried that as I no longer grew elder with the cast that I would lose interest. So far not the case, and hopefully the movie will slow down the process of my "getting to old for skins" phase.

Hope you all take a leaf out of Panda's book and dance like a loon every now and then,

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Love Sally

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrubs Season 9...Fail or Win?

Calling myself a fan of Scrubs would not be enough to describe my obsessive love for the long running tv show. I own every single season on DVD, and being the type of 'fan' I am, I can fall into a spiral of quoting the show, relating every real life situation to something that happened on the show whilst simultaneously alienating friends and family. So when I discovered that there was going to be a season nine, after the show had supposedly ended, I was immediately feulled with mixed emotions. The cheesy and tearjerking ending of season eight had given me just the right amount of closure for me to accept that the comedy had finally come to its end. However my insatiable appetite for the show had been reignited by the hope that I could be getting new Scrubs episodes very soon.

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So I have now watched the first ten episodes of the ninth season and after much consideration I have decided to pass judgement. The show now has an entire new setting, placing the hospital in a medical school. Only two original cast members now have a permanant spot on the show, with some old favourites returning for some guest spots. Having a weekly fill of the characters of Dr. Cox and Turk are, I admit, the only reason why I continued to watch after the first episode. Although the characters have lost a little of what made them special when most of the cast has been changed. I do believe what truly made Scrubs special was the the different comedic elements provided by each original cast member, when brought together were truly amazing.
However there are some gems in the new cast. Saving the character of Denise was truly a godsend. I am enjoying watching her character traits be explored more in this season.
The character of Cole I am finding hilarious, and I enjoy Drew's sarcastic and slightly insane humour.

The most frustrating thing about the ninth season of Scrubs is the character who has now replaced JD as the voiceover. Lucy has become to me a bastardized female version of JD, who cannot carry through the winning parts of JD's humour.

To conclude I have decided to view the new season, not as a ninth season, but as the first of a spin off series from Scrubs. I will refer to it as 'med school' and continue to watch it, but know that it will never be the same as the original series.

May your mushrooms always be sauteed and your onions always be grilled. Gravy Fellas.

Love Sally.