Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrubs Season 9...Fail or Win?

Calling myself a fan of Scrubs would not be enough to describe my obsessive love for the long running tv show. I own every single season on DVD, and being the type of 'fan' I am, I can fall into a spiral of quoting the show, relating every real life situation to something that happened on the show whilst simultaneously alienating friends and family. So when I discovered that there was going to be a season nine, after the show had supposedly ended, I was immediately feulled with mixed emotions. The cheesy and tearjerking ending of season eight had given me just the right amount of closure for me to accept that the comedy had finally come to its end. However my insatiable appetite for the show had been reignited by the hope that I could be getting new Scrubs episodes very soon.

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So I have now watched the first ten episodes of the ninth season and after much consideration I have decided to pass judgement. The show now has an entire new setting, placing the hospital in a medical school. Only two original cast members now have a permanant spot on the show, with some old favourites returning for some guest spots. Having a weekly fill of the characters of Dr. Cox and Turk are, I admit, the only reason why I continued to watch after the first episode. Although the characters have lost a little of what made them special when most of the cast has been changed. I do believe what truly made Scrubs special was the the different comedic elements provided by each original cast member, when brought together were truly amazing.
However there are some gems in the new cast. Saving the character of Denise was truly a godsend. I am enjoying watching her character traits be explored more in this season.
The character of Cole I am finding hilarious, and I enjoy Drew's sarcastic and slightly insane humour.

The most frustrating thing about the ninth season of Scrubs is the character who has now replaced JD as the voiceover. Lucy has become to me a bastardized female version of JD, who cannot carry through the winning parts of JD's humour.

To conclude I have decided to view the new season, not as a ninth season, but as the first of a spin off series from Scrubs. I will refer to it as 'med school' and continue to watch it, but know that it will never be the same as the original series.

May your mushrooms always be sauteed and your onions always be grilled. Gravy Fellas.

Love Sally.

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