Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skins Movie: Its Official

Come the summer of 2011, I like every other middle class angst ridden young person will be wetting myself in anticipation of seeing the Skins movie. The Skins blog on e4 gave the official heads up, stating that the movie will be based around the second generation cast, but have some characters from the first generation, and a scene featuring the third generation.

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I am most looking forward to some closure about Cassie, but also wouldn't mind knowing what happened to Cook at the end of the fourth season.

I think its a brilliant move on the creators part... after the sloppy introduction of Dr. Foster the psychotic character whose obsession with Effy leads him to kill Freddie and possibly Cook, all within the last few episodes of the really is the least that they could do.

Although I say kudo's to the creators for having the guts to dump a cast every two series and start fresh, I was worried that as I no longer grew elder with the cast that I would lose interest. So far not the case, and hopefully the movie will slow down the process of my "getting to old for skins" phase.

Hope you all take a leaf out of Panda's book and dance like a loon every now and then,

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Love Sally

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