Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vlog Love: My Top Five Favourite Vloggers

1. Vlogbrothers
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Really who else could it be? Firstly their video's are just hilarious...from explaining their knowledge of Giraffe Love to performing songs about Helen Hunt's beauty and even eating blenderized happy meals the Vlogbrothers deliver consistently funny videos, creating numerous inside jokes that only their avid fans (nerdfighter's) will understand. Besides their humour the Vlogbroters have transformed vlogging culture into a force of positive social change attempting to decrease WorldSuck.

2. Meekakitty
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She's really pretty. And funny. And pretty. And she makes lots of weird noises. She likes anime, lip syncing and musicals. Plus she is REALLY pretty.

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Because he's like cool? An English teen who likes Dr Who, does insane challenges, writes some pretty cool songs and apparently makes an authoritative cup of tea.

4. HayleyGHoover
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The G stands for ganster. She likes Harry Potter, mocking Miley Cyrus and is an english nerd. So naturally I want her to my best friend.

5. Frezned
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He's Australian. He's Quick. His humour makes you feel special for actually getting it. He is also a wizard.

Love Sally

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